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5 Best Tactical Harness For German Shepherd

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A harness when fitted properly to your dog is effective in controlling and giving you and your dog a safe environment. Considering the size of your German Shepherd or other large breed dogs, a harness for the large breed dog is going to allow you control over your dog. Large breeds such as the German Shepherd are strong and can be a handful if you don’t have them under control.

Top 5 best tactical harness for german shepherd
Best tactical harness for german shepherd

The harness for your large breed dog can help prevent injuries to their neck and trachea from pulling. The harness, unlike a leash, goes around the chest and up over the back and behind the front legs, thus they can’t choke themselves. The harness is also easier to attach a leash to their back, than their neck if they are jumping around.

When your German Shepherd Dog or other large breed dog is out in public should they get excited while using a collar. You and your dog could get tangled up. When using the harness, the leash is attached to the back and thus makes it harder for you and your dog to get tangled up.

If you are training your dog, the harness will give you more control and make the training and the outing more enjoyable. The harness is a lot harder to wiggle out of when fitted properly and with the harness you can ensure their safety even when riding in vehicles. You can attach some harnesses to the seatbelt keeping them in place should there be an accident.

When choosing a harness for your large breed dog, it will depend on what you are going to use it for. It is important to keep in mind and that it is fits properly, with no pressure to their neck so that they can’t choke themselves. You will also want the harness to be comfortable with good closures and durable.

The price range can run anywhere from $25.00 up to $50.00. there are several kinds of harnesses all depending on what use want it for, hiking, mobility or no pull.

Top 5 Best Harnesses for Large Breed Dogs

1. Dean and Tyler DT Dog Harness

The DT Dog Harness is a top-rated harness for large breeds. It has wide straps and is padded on the back and there are three leash attachments as well as being easy to put on and take off. It comes with a trim that is reflective and a handle on the back to give you more control when lifting your dog into a vehicle, this harness is rugged so would be great for hiking or adventures.

2. Kurgo Dog Harness | Walking Harnesses for Pets

The Kurgo Tru-fit Harness comes with a seat belt tether so that you can buckle you dog in with the car seatbelt. This harness will fit a dog with a chest size up to 44 inches, which would work on your large breed dogs. This harness is great for comfort and safety as it has a halt ring for the no pull aspect and has multiple points for adjustments for good fit. The Kurgo also has the tether for the seatbelt so you may keep your dog safe in the vehicle as well as the chest plate on this harness is padded making it comfortable for your dog to wear.

3. Blueberry Pet 10 Colors Multi-Colored Stripe Collection

The Blueberry Pet Padded Harness is a brightly colored harness and is basic, you can slip on your dog and get on your way. This harness is easy to take off and put on, it has reflective strips so that your dog can be seen when out walking as well as the straps prevent chafing due to the neoprene underneath the straps making it comfortable to wear.

4. EXPAWLORER Big Dog Soft Reflective No Pull Harness

The Expawlorer Big Dog Soft Reflective Harness also has adjustable straps so that you can secure a good fit for your German Shepherd dog or other large breed dogs. It has a metal ring attachment where you can attach your leash as well as reflective stripping for walking at night. It also comes in bright colors, includes a handle on the back for control and has nice straps that are thick keeping your dog safe and comfortable.

5. Rabbitgoo Dog Harness No-Pull Pet Harness Adjustable Outdoor Pet Vest

The Rabitgoo No-Pull Harness is about the best no pull harness you could find for large dogs. It has neck and chest straps that you can adjust to the size of your dog and would work for many different size large breed dogs. It has reflective strips for walking at night, you can slip it off and on easy enough and it has a handle on the back for aiding in lifting your dog and added control of your German Shepherd or other large breed dogs. With all this, the design of Rabitgoo will displace pressure evenly throughout the harness and keep your large dog comfortable, with the added padding and durability of the heavy nylon straps. You can attach your leash at two different places on the harness. If you are looking for a no pull harness that will put a stop to and dissuade your German Shepherd dog or other large breed dogs from pulling; this harness is the best no pull harness for you.

How to Choose The Best Dog Harness For Large Dogs

When buying a harness for your German Shepherd Dog or other large breed dogs, you first want to decide what you will be wanting it for, training, mobility, easy on and off. Not all harnesses will work the same for all dogs. It will depend on your dog’s personality, breed, and what they enjoy wearing.

If your dog tends to pull a lot you will want to look at the no-pull harnesses, the design of these harnesses helps to avert the tendency to pull as well as give you some help with control of them.

If all you want is a simple harness that you can slip on them and is personalized the basic step into or easy to put on the basic harness will work well for you.

Some harnesses come with the safety attachment on them that allows you to hook them into the seatbelt in the car so if you plan to have your dog ride in the vehicle with you this would be a good and safe harness for you to buy, so your dog is not thrown around should you have to stop abruptly.

Should you have an older German Shepherd dog or other large breed dogs the mobility harness is helpful in that the handle on them allows you to help them in climbing stairs or into your vehicle.

Once you have decided the type of harness you want you will need to acquire the measurements of your dog. While your dog is standing you will measure their back from the base of the tail to the base of their neck where their collar would be. You are also going to want to measure their neck and then add two inches, you are going to want to be able to place two fingers between your dog’s neck and the collar easily for comfort and safety. Then you will measure your dogs’ girth this is the area behind your dogs’ front legs at the thickest part. Should the measurement be almost to the max measurement of a size go up a size also should your dog be overweight you will want to go up a size to achieve a good fit.

Your properly fitted large breed dog harness will give you and your German Shepherd dog many opportunities to enjoy exercising and adventuring together comfortably and safely.

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