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This is really a tale (or tail if the pun is pardoned) of two stories: The story of the original Snuggie as well as the discovery of the dog snuggie. Keep in mind that this is a tale that may lack the foundations of truth, but it is an entertaining and plausible tale nonetheless.

The Origin Of Snuggie

A few years ago, as the recession started to take its foothold in America, a marketer lost his job. He was alone in his house but for the sole companionship of his faithful dog. It was hard to believe that this near destitute man soon became a snuggie millionaire many times over. He worked hard at finding a new job, but the cold winds of Autumn blew and rattled at his windows. A blanket over his shoulders, he found that it kept slipping off as he researched job openings and applied for any and every job out there; attempting to make snug his financial future. The darn blanket kept slipping, making it difficult to type, so finally, with a frustrated grunt, he arose and found a safety pin to with which to fasten the blanket around his neck. Ah, now that was better with the blanket nice and snug around him.

On with the applications, our future snuggie founder continued. After about 20 minutes of undisturbed work, he paused in ponderance and glanced down at the safety pin holding together the blanket. The proverbial light bulb flashed in his mind and the concept of the snuggie was born.

Of course, there were a number of small refinements to make as well as sourcing out the cheapest of warm clothes with which to manufacture the snuggie, but that was (or so I am guessing) the birth of the renowned Snuggie.

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The Kids Create the Dog Snuggie

Once the money started to flow for our hard-working snuggie marketer, he was able to enjoy some of the fruits of his labor. His brother and niece and nephew were over one Sunday for dinner when the niece took off her snuggie and placed it on the founder’s faithful dog. While his golden lab was initially annoyed with the snuggie, it was another epiphany for our founder. A Snuggie for dogs!

The Dog Snuggie and Reality

When you get down to it, there is, in fact, a third story about the snuggie for dogs that may be told. That story revolves around Western civilization’s love for their dogs and the American affinity towards being suckered in by a good marketing campaign. Just look at the pathetic faces of the mongrels on the dog snuggie TV commercials as they plea for sympathy. The cold air swirls around the frail hounds and you can almost feel their little nuts turning into icicles, ready to drop off onto the snow-covered sidewalk. Now there is imagery that every man can empathize with. Madison Avenue and the marketing brains vying to tempt our pocketbooks and souls (not necessarily in that order) are tugging at our heartstrings and playing on our love for our four-legged furry friends.

Do Our Dogs Really Need a Snuggie?

If we’re honest about it, most of the time the little poochies really don’t need a sleeved blanket to encompass them. Yes, of course, there are those bone-chilling days when your Mexican Hairless has to run out to do his business on the neighbor’s lawn, but most days our dogs would be better to be snug in their own fur coats. Our best friends would be better, most of the time, if they didn’t have a coat, blanket or dog snuggie over their backs making them look like circus side-show freaks, but by allowing nature to take its course, gradually exposing our pets to the colder weather, their fur coats will develop to be thicker and better able to protect them from the chills of the upcoming winter.

Just Buy a Dog Snuggie Today

Regardless, just so that you don’t feel pangs of guilt when your dog looks at you with his big brown puppy eyes when it is time to go for a walk on a windy day or the neighbor’s eye you askance as you walk about the neighborhood, your dog with his shoulders bare of a dog snuggie, just buy your dog a snuggie for dogs right now.

Cave in to the peer pressure. Come on now, you can do it.

Buy a Dog Snuggie Today.

Congratulations! You can now hold your head up high you gutless wonder now that your dog has a dog snuggie to wear.

Are Snuggies Still a Thing?

Yes, Snuggies are still a thing! They continue to be available, offering a cozy and convenient way to stay warm while having the freedom to move your arms. If you haven’t encountered one before, picture a hybrid of a big hoodie and a blanket – that’s essentially what a Snuggie is. It’s a wearable blanket equipped with sleeves, allowing you to wrap yourself up comfortably while still having the functionality of your arms. Whether you’re lounging on the couch, reading a book, or watching TV, the Snuggie remains a popular choice for those seeking warmth and comfort in a unique and amusing way.

The Snuggie gained immense popularity, thanks to a highly successful direct response commercial that captured the public’s attention. The commercial showcased the Snuggie in a humorous and engaging way, emphasizing its convenience and warmth. The “blanket with sleeves” concept resonated with viewers, making it a viral sensation. Additionally, the Snuggie found its way into popular culture when it was featured on television programs like Today. In one memorable segment, the cast and crew wore Snuggie blankets, creating a visually striking image often humorously described as resembling a Black Protestant choir. This exposure, combined with the product’s practical appeal, contributed to the Snuggie’s widespread popularity and cultural recognition.

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