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As the adage goes, “a dog is a man’s best friend”. Even in a simple community, you can be sure that one of the residents would have a dog. There has even aired news that dogs were able to save man’s life or even a dog that can dance or ride a motorbike. You may even be amazed as to how these dogs can be trained well and follow whatever his master says. Around the world, you can find a lot of dogs which belong to a specific kind of breed. But why is it that man’s attachment to a dog is very heartwarming?

They say that if a dog is a pure breed one or it has been bought for such an expensive amount, the dog is well-bred and can be easily trained. But this statement hasn’t been really proven to be true. It was replaced with “Dogs can be trained and trained dogs are good dogs”. Here are some Cool Tricks To Teach Your Dog that you should check.

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Now that we have introduced dog training, who will be the one to do the task? Well, you can have an option. It is either you do it yourself or hire someone to do it for you. Dogs differ in their body size as well as in their temperament. There are dogs which can be easily trained and there are ones which are very much stubborn to learn commands and tricks. But all of these would be borne in your hands.

Now, what will be the reason as to why would you train up a dog? Is it because you just want to? Or it can be that you want to see other people how your dog obeys you. There could be a lot of reasons to that “why” question. But on the other hand, no matter what, dogs will always need a master who can feed him, love him, and of course train him.

The very first training that dogs might undergo is what we call “Basic Obedience”. Some dog trainers would consider this as training the dog with a leash. You can command an o dog to sit, to lie, to roll down and a lot more. To handle and train a dog would require you your 200% patients. Normally dog training starts even in an early stage or puppy stage of the dog so that when he grows older, it would be easier for him to follow commands. Dogs have special needs that responsible owners should do in order for them to stay in good shape.

A whole program for the training for dogs would include a dog walk, basic obedience and advance obedience. All breeds of dogs are in need for a dog walk. They need to exercise through walking especially large breed ones. There are benefits that dogs can get in dog walking.

First is that they can exercise their body as mentioned above. While walking your dog, you need to keep them close and make sure that it is not the other way around, that he is the walking you out. Most trainers would say that the dog should stay on your left side and that he will not pull you while walking.

If your dog tries to go first, you need to stop and go to the other direction. This will tell the dog that you are above him and that he should only follow you. Of course, dogs are normally in packs and that they need a leader. Now, that is what he should think of you, as a leader. Second of the benefit of this is socialization. When dogs are already experiencing regular dog walking exercises, they will be familiarized with your relatives whom you greet whenever you go walking. Also, if there are other dogs who go with you, your dog can eventually learn to socialize with other dogs.

For basic obedience, this is where the commands like “sit”, “stay”, “come” and a lot more depending on the trainer. Dogs learn through what we call “rewards” system. So as men are motivated to work because of the salary that he gets from a company, dogs are also eager to master what is being taught because of the rewards he gets like dog treats, and the like.

It is highly recommended that in using commands, you should be consistent with it. You should not have a changing command like “sit” and then “sit down”. Dogs may also be confused with this. Teaching dogs basic obedience entail a lot of time. It is never learned over night. You need to lead the dog on how he can “sit” and then reward him. This can be done for a number of times before a dog can master the commands.

As what we can sometimes see on the internet, the dog had saved a life of a child. How can a dog do this? Dogs may be trained how to rescue and there are ones which are like “innate” to the dog’s character that when he sees that there is a danger, he is to go and rescue his master or be it another person. Dogs that are hired by bomb squad teams undergo special training on how they can detect bombs. Advance training would also include how training dogs on how to see that there is danger and how he can protect his master.

Training a dog would make him a lot better dog for he can follow commands, do certain tricks that you tell him to do so, and that he is a lot more time and controllable when compared to a dog that has never undergone training, but of course, this is not absolute.

There are dogs that can still be tamed even without proper training. But I would like to emphasize that there is a greater chance for a dog to become a better dog when it has been trained by professionals. They are the one who can handle the dog and make your good the best pet and guard for you.

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