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Dog lovers often want to bring along their pets when traveling. The experience of having your dog with you in the car as you drive to a favorite destination can be fun and worthwhile. But as always, safety should be your top priority.

Similar to preparing your kids and family for a road trip, it’s also a must to prepare your dog and his tools. A good way to train your dog to be comfortable when traveling on a car is to let him get used to be inside the vehicle. Try putting him inside the car every now and then even with the motor off. Or you can also bring him along even during short trips such as when you need to buy something quickly at the grocery store or pick up your kids from school. Eventually, your pet will be able to keep himself comfortable while traveling on your car.

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If you’re traveling cross country, make sure you bring along your dog’s supplies. These should include his carrier or kennel, leash, bed, toys, food and water container as well as his food and water supply. You may put the bed inside the kennel to ensure that your pet is safe and can sleep comfortably while inside. Put some toys inside as well to keep him entertained during the trip.

Bring enough food and water for your trip. Dogs can go hungry too but if you’ve prepared well, you can readily feed him even while on the road. Having a food bowl is also handy to avoid making any mess in your vehicle.

There are different types of dog food bowl ideal for travel that you can get at a very affordable price today. Some are collapsible while the others are made from waterproof fabric you can just crump it and put in your backpack when not in use. There are also the multi-functional type that not only holds food and water but can also store dog food and water.
Keep in mind, however, to not feed your dog just before you leave for your road trip to prevent him from experiencing car sickness. Rather, you should feed him a few hours before you go.

Do not forget to let your pet wear a collar with tags on his neck. This is for identification purposes just in case your dog gets lost. Make sure the tag bears your dog’s name and contact numbers.

Another important tip is to properly strap your dog on the seat. A dog should not roam around the vehicle nor should you allow it to sit on your lap while you’re driving as this can distract you.

Do not let your dog’s head out of the window as well. Doing this will only harm your pet when flying objects hit him while you’re traveling.
Finally, make a stop every hour or so in order for you and your dog to take a break. You or your dog might need to pee the reason why it’s important to make this quick stops along the way. Then take your dog for a walk by using the leash for some exercise.

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